Don’t let future presidents follow Trump’s example

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An explosive new report from the Senate Judiciary Committee reveals just how far then-President Trump was willing to go to silence eligible voters, overturn a legitimate election, and preserve his power.

The committee’s findings focus on Trump and his relationship with Jeffrey Clark, a Justice Department official who was handpicked to do Trump’s dirty work. Following the 2020 election, Clark -- who claimed he had met with the President personally -- urged the Acting Attorney General to help overturn the results in states that Joe Biden had won.

When his request was refused, Clark took things to the next level -- claiming that Trump was going to make him Attorney General if the Justice Department didn’t comply. In response, several top DOJ officials threatened to resign en masse.

The Justice Department -- which is supposed to uphold our nation’s laws, not act on debunked conspiracy theories at the president’s behest -- was totally upended by Trump’s unprecedented actions. This was a major red line, and we now know just how close Trump came to crossing it.

Even more concerning: unless Congress takes bold action, future presidents could follow Trump’s lead -- exploiting DOJ relationships to politicize the department, push phony election fraud claims, and keep themselves in office.

The Protecting Our Democracy Act, which was introduced in the House and Senate earlier this fall, would strengthen independent oversight of White House/Justice Department relations. It would help ensure that the DOJ stays apolitical -- and that no president could abuse their power over the department like Trump did.

If you agree that this all-important bill can’t wait, add your name to urge Congress to pass it immediately.


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In a desperate attempt to hold onto power, then-President Trump ordered his lackey in the Justice Department to push top DOJ officials to overturn the 2020 election, according to a shocking new report from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Trump set a dangerous precedent -- and if Congress doesn’t respond, future presidents may try to follow his lead, abusing their power to throw out legitimate election results. We demand that Congress pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which strengthens oversight of communication between the White House and the Justice Department.