Don't overturn closure of the largest oil refinery on the East Coast just because Trump & billionaires say so!

Judge Kevin Gross, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, Credit Suisse, Bardin Hill, and Mayor Kenney

Chris Baker Evans

For years, Philadelphians have been organizing to win back their Right to Breathe from the largest oil refinery on the east coast, which has devastated public health & exacerbated inequality. And they're on the brink of winning permanent refinery closure -- but they need your help to seal the deal.

Sign this petition to stand with Philadelphians for permanent closure of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions oil refinery, healthy future land use, and community control over development!

A massive explosion last June shuttered the Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) refinery. Residents living on the fenceline of the refinery in South Philadelphia and allies ramped up their efforts for refinery closure, and on January 17th an auction was held to determine the facility's future. A real estate company was selected as the winning bidder at the auction, and vowed NOT to reopen the refinery and to work with residents to determine redevelopment of land.

But the billionaire class is mobilizing to overturn the sale just ahead of the final approval, and their latest accomplice: Trump's administration.

Trump is on a rampage destroying environmental protections - and of course our communities in countless ways - and we need to keep him away from Philly's air and neighborhoods. We refuse to let the billionaire class prioritize their profits over the health of people and the planet, and we will reinforce local organizing to dismantle the extractive fossil fuel economy.

Starting 2020, a year pivotal for the planet & our communities, with the closure of one of the most polluting facilities in the country that's been a culprit of environmental racism is exactly what Americans need. This can be a step on our way to winning a Green New Deal that can create millions of jobs across the country, make a clear transition plan for fossil fuel workers, and combat climate change.

Petition by
Philly Thrive
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To: Judge Kevin Gross, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, Credit Suisse, Bardin Hill, and Mayor Kenney
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Finalize the sale of the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery to Hilco Redevelopment Partners. We need a rapid transformation of the fossil fuel economy in order to have a future on this planet. Permanent closure of the refinery and healthy, equitable redevelopment of the land is the only way forward.

Philadelphia residents are clear, and have made themselves clear time and again, that an end to fossil fuel production in South Philadelphia is what's best for their communities. At the request of South Philadelphia residents, the people most directly hurt by the environmental dangers of fossil fuel production, we urge you to finalize the sale of the PES refinery.