Don't Take Away Rights from California Domestic Workers!

Members of the California Assembly

Tell California lawmakers not to take rights away from domestic workers!

California is a proudly progressive, pro-worker state -- and yet, right now, big-business lobbyists are trying to rush through a bill that would allow companies to take hard-earned rights away from domestic workers like nannies, house cleaners and care workers.

With a hearing on the bill AB 2765 coming up in the Committee on Labor and Employment on April 18th, we have to act now -- add your name and we'll deliver these petitions to the committee before it meets.

The bill AB 2765 would strip domestic workers of their right to the minimum wage and overtime, meal and rest breaks, and more if they find work using online platforms. Domestic workers are already highly vulnerable -- working behind closed doors and in the shadows. They deserve more rights, respect, and protections -- not fewer!

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Don't take take away important rights from California domestic workers! Vote NO on AB 2765.