Download our new app and pledge to #BoycottTrump

Donald Trump


The Democratic Coalition Against Trump is hitting Trump and his allies where it hurts most - their wallet. Please sign our petition and pledge to #BoycottTrump.

We are also proud to  have released the first ever Boycott Trump app as part of our continuing effort to take a stand against Trump. The free app provides users with a searchable database of over 250 companies and includes many big name brands that you probably didn't realize we're connected to Trump.

Our app was even featured on NBC News!

You can download the app for free HERE or by searching "Boycott Trump" in the iTunes App Store.

You can also download the Android version of the app HERE in the Google Play store.

To: Donald Trump
From: [Your Name]

We will not allow you to use the presidency of the United States to grow your businesses.

We will boycott your companies, products and services, and the companies, products and services of your supporters until you agree to put your assets in a blind trust and separate yourself from your business activities.