Tell Warren Buffett to Drop Steve King

Warren Buffett



Once upon a time, two Jewish Holocaust survivors, Howard and Lottie Marcus, invested in a young Warren Buffett and helped start what would become Berkshire Hathaway, a $700 billion dollar enterprise holding brands such as Duracell, Geico, Fruit of the Loom, Kraft, Benjamin Moore, and Heinz. Today, Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway fund Iowa Republican Steve King, who was just exposed using a Holocaust memorial organization to fund his travel to meet with Austrian anti-Semites with Nazi ties.

We’ve known exactly who King is for a long time: Steve King is a proud white nationalist and unrepentant racist.

In spite of all this, Warren Buffett continues to support and fund Steve King, claiming he is only doing so because of his position on energy. But this is no time for middle ground or business as usual. When Buffett funds a King's congressional campaign, he funds everything that campaign represents—including white supremacy and antisemitism. In the face of Trumpian politics of hate, fear, exclusion, and bigotry, moral clarity, integrity, and courage are more important than ever.

Tell Warren Buffett he has to decide: Continue to fund someone who cozies up to white supremacists, or rescind his support and send a clear message that white supremacy has no place in Congress.

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To: Warren Buffett
From: [Your Name]

Mr. Buffett,

I'm writing to ask that your company, Berkshire Hathaway Energy, immediately end and apologize for its support of Representative Steve King's re-election campaign.

You were able to build your company in part due to the support of two Holocaust survivors, Howard and Lottie Marcus. And yet, one of the candidates your company supports is an unrepentant white nationalist who, as was just reported in The Washington Post, used a Holocaust memorial organization to fund a trip where he met with Austrian anti-Semites with strong ties to Nazis.

I know your company has argued that you do not always agree with every issue held by a candidate you support. But at a time when white supremacy is on the rise, when hate and division threaten our democracy, there is simply no middle ground when it comes to supporting Steve King.

Steve King is a white nationalist. You cannot support him without supporting the white nationalism on which he campaigns. Will you continue supporting his bigoted agenda or will you honor Howard and Lottie's legacies? You cannot do both.