East Lakeview Balance on Broadway

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.......supporting growth and development in East Lakeview utilizing architecture that blends with the prevailing structures, restricts height to the existing 50 foot limit, provides open/green spaces where possible, addresses traffic/parking challenges and perpetuates the existing charm of our community.

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Dear Alderman Tunney,

Balance on Broadway is a group of East Lakeview residents who have come together as a result of the proposed eight-story plus building at the old Treasure Island property, 3460 N. Broadway. The group strongly supports growth and development in East Lakeview but is advocating for buildings that are restricted to the current 50 ft. height limits, maintains the openness of the existing community, and eliminates the canyon effect by utilizing setbacks and green spaces and uses a style that blend with the existing architecture of the buildings in the area. Our desire is to work with our alderman and any developer to create a Balance on Broadway for all interested parties.

We’re asking for your support in making alterations to the current proposal for the
Treasure Island property (3460 N. Broadway). We’re advocating for changes to the
proposal which would help maintain the quality of life for your existing residents and provide a great place to live for new people who will be joining our community. At the same time, it will still provide an opportunity for the developer and enhance the economic growth of the 44th ward.

Below are our requests:
1. A building that is no taller than 50 ft. (compliant with existing B3-2 zoning for
that address).
2. A structure that utilizes setbacks and green spaces helping to reduce the canyon
3. An architectural style that is complementary to the prevailing buildings in the
4. A building that addresses the overuse of glass.

Mr. Tunney, we hope you will consider our requests and work with the developer to
make the changes that will continue to provide the quality of life that makes Lakeview a great place to live.

East Lakeview Balance on Broadway