End Partisan Redistricting in New York

New York Elected Officials

For far too long, New Yorkers have been denied fair representation due to a corrupt redistricting process. While citizens expect redistricting to be fair and objective, the current system fails the people time and time again. District lines prioritize the incumbent and partisan interests, while communities are denied a voice.

Stand with Common Cause/NY in our fight to stop the practice of gerrymandering in New York, and pledge to support and advance inclusive, non-discriminatory redistricting. Independent redistricting is far overdue, and we need to stand united in our fight for fair and equal representation.

To: New York Elected Officials
From: [Your Name]

The redistricting process has systematically failed New Yorkers. Our state deserves a truly independent commission to draw district lines, not one susceptible to the influence of the legislature. As an advocate for inclusive and non-discriminatory redistricting, I stand with Common Cause/NY, and I urge you to ensure that the redistricting process is transparent and objective.

Districts should be drawn to reflect the voices of the people, not to provide a partisan advantage to a select few. Ending the practice of gerrymandering in New York should be a legislative priority in 2021, and fair maps should be drawn upon the completion of the 2020 census. Support and advance independent redistricting.