End the NHS surcharge

Boris Johnson


We are in the middle of a pandemic - but that hasn’t stopped this Tory government increasing the NHS surcharge on migrant residents.

From October a charge of £624 is going to be levied alongside all visas, regardless of income.

The Green Party believes the NHS should be funded by tax - according to everyone’s ability to pay and that this charge - which is costly and immoral - amounts to exploitation of migrants.

The exemption for health care staff should apply to all migrants. Scrap the NHS surcharge!

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The NHS surcharge must be scrapped and the practice of double charging migrants for the NHS stopped.

During a pandemic it's immoral to increase the cost of healthcare. We'd urge you to rethink your priorities.

The NHS should be funded by a fairer tax system, that has millionaires, billionaires and corporations pay their fair share. Not by double charging migrant workers.