An end to Veteran homelessness

Ways and Means / Veteran's Affairs - committee members

Homeless Veterans - Existing Programs
For many years, various individuals and organizations have supported programs designed to end Veteran homelessness in the US. None, as yet, have fully succeeded. Many programs are in place today, each achieving various levels of success, however NONE have a finite vision as to when their program will fully solve the problem.

Our Primary Solution
VHi (Veteran Housing initiative) has developed a program whereby the Veteran community itself could solve this problem by adding a small additional fee to the costs paid by Veterans currently to acquire a VA loan. This would provide capital to purchase enough single family residences, real homes, to accommodate every homeless Veteran in the US today. It would perpetually cover associated costs going forward.

Our Alternate Solution
Surprisingly, the VHi proposal would generate the same amount of capital, just over $700 Million, that is already being generated by existing initiatives. If our purely Veteran supported plan falls short, the funds currently being collected through existing programs could be placed into a single fund. With this we could accomplish the same goal; buying enough single family residences to accommodate all homeless US Veterans. Utilizing this capital in a single effort we can end the plight of the homeless Veteran within a year, permanently. Please express your frustration with the ineffectiveness of the existing Veteran housing programs by signing this petition.

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Note: This petition is for Non-Veterans only. To view the Veteran version of it, please visit - Ending Veteran Homelessness, Veteran version

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We, the undersigned, in appreciation of the sacrifice and bravery exhibited by our Veteran’s service to this great nation, would like to give back, to help our less fortunate warriors and heroes.

We agree to merge the capital received from existing homeless Veteran assistance programs into a single fund. Such funds to be allocated exclusively to Veteran Housing initiative’s plan to purchase homes, making them available to our homeless Veterans. Future funds collected by existing programs should be allocated to maintain the program. No one who served our nation should be left to live on its streets.