Endorsement: Resolution Opposing Oil and Gas Trains

Bend City Council


We are proposing that the city council of Bend pass a resolution opposing oil and gas trains transporting their dangerous goods through our community. These trains pose a serious threat to any homes, businesses, schools, places of worship, parks, or anyone or anything else within a mile of the tracks.

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Laurie Harrer
Bend, Oregon
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Whereas The people of the City of Bend have the right to public safety, health, and welfare which includes the right to be protected from the danger of explosion or fire from railway cars carrying fossil gas, and the City of Bend lacks adequate resources to cleanup toxic oil and diesel spills, and to suppress fires from oil train explosions*, and there is substantial risk to life, property, surface and groundwater in the event of a fossil gas train derailment, spill, fire or explosion. For these reasons, we ask the Bend City Council to adopt A RESOLUTION OPPOSING OIL AND GAS TRAINS, EXPLORING PATHS FOR CITY REGULATIONS, AND CALLING ON STATE AND FEDERAL OFFICIALS TO ENACT ADEQUATE HEALTH AND SAFETY RESTRICTIONS. *(OSFM special equipment is located in Redmond)