Energy Independence requires clean energy

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer

Gas prices are rising and American families are paying the price.

Despite raking in record profits in 2021, the oil and gas industry is exploiting the crisis in Ukraine by pushing out misinformation to line their pockets and gain a free pass to drill for more fossil fuels.

Most of the big oil and gas companies posted huge profits in 2021, the highest profits seen in years. Yet, they are driving up energy costs for families with higher prices for gasoline, home heating oil and other energy. Even with US oil and gas production nearing record levels, Americans haven’t been spared from volatile fossil fuel prices.

No one should be profiting from a war, but that’s exactly what the fossil fuel companies are trying to do. And while big oil and gas get richer, Americans get more hurricanes, floods, wildfires and heatwaves, made worse by intensifying climate change.

Clean energy, not more oil and gas, will protect Americans from the volatile and dangerous fossil fuel economy. Wind, solar, and other renewable sources, are homegrown and create good-paying jobs here in the US. We don’t need to import it and it is not subject to the wild fluctuations of the global fossil fuel markets and supply chain disruptions. The clean energy and climate provisions under consideration in Congress would reduce annual US. oil consumption by 180 million barrels per year by 2030–roughly twice current US imports of Russian oil.

If members of Congress and the Biden administration are serious about energy security and energy independence, they need to say no to more fossil fuels no matter where they come from.

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America’s energy independence and energy security can be achieved by accelerating the transition to clean, renewable sources of energy like wind and solar–not with more drilling.

Domestic oil and gas production is at record levels, yet global markets still inflict economic harm and high prices on Americans. It’s time to spare American families from inflation and spiking gas prices; it’s time to avoid being subject to international conflicts and supply disruptions.

It’s time, instead, to build the stable, affordable clean energy economy we need to create jobs, cut pollution, protect our health, and advance environmental justice.