Equal Access to Relief Stands for FHVs

New York City Council

Despite an ever-growing number of FHVs on the streets of New York, currently, our drivers can only use 33 of the 74 relief stands across New York City. This is wrong.

Ride-share drivers deserve the same access to relief as taxis.

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To: New York City Council
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Member of New York City Council,

Over the last decade, since the emergence of the rideshare industry, the amount of For-Hire Vehicles on the streets of New York has multiplied, but opportunities to park, pause, and take care of basic health care and personal needs have not kept up.

The Department of Transportation regulates the city’s relief stands and are responsible for determining whether a stand is accessible to FHVs or is solely available for taxi use. They are the ones drivers must look to for fairness.

The DOT’s website lists the location and classification of the city’s 74 relief stands, but less than half, only 33, are available for FHV drivers use. With tens of thousands of FHV drivers hitting the streets of New York to make a living every month, we, the undersigned, ask that you keep your word and make all 74 relief stands available to FHVs along with their taxi counterparts.

This is essential to correcting the perception of favoritism over fairness often hanging over the For-Hire-Vehicle industry and a simple step towards ensuring a basic level of dignity for every working New Yorker.

Please send a letter to the Department of Transportation asking them to make all of New York’s relief stands available to For Hire Vehicles and stand with New York’s workers.