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Science touches nearly every part of policymaking, yet candidates for office rarely speak about how science will guide their choices. Policymakers need to draw on science to confront challenges like the opioid crisis and climate change, and to take advantages of new innovations and attract the greatest minds to our companies and universities.

Science Debate, a nonpartisan nonprofit, has gotten every presidential candidate on record about science science 2008, and we ask you to join our call for every candidate for Congress or Governor to answer our questions this year. We will forward these signatures to the candidates you will see on the ballot in primaries and in November, urging them to present their views on science to the public.spam

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As a voter in your district, I want to know how you will use science to help address the great challenges our nation faces. From the opioid crisis to clean water, veterans health to climate change, I want science to inform your policies and help you find solutions. Please respond to Science Debate's Q&A and make sure that voters know how you will use science to make our nation stronger and better.