Evict ICE from NYC: Starrett-Lehigh and RXR Reality

Richard Conniff, COO of RXR Realty


ICE is in our neighborhoods, right now, continuing to tear apart families and the people from our communities. Now we know that they have an office right here in NYC, and we need to GET THEM EVICTED.

The ICE Office of Community Engagement is located in the Starrett-Lehigh Building in Manhattan, 601 West 26th st.


How do we evict them?

  1. Apply pressure to the company renting out to ICE, which promotes the Starrett-Lehigh building as "socially conscious"[1]
  2. Inform the other tenants that ICE is running their operations and doing work in the very same building as them.

Who owns the Starrett-Lehigh building? RXR Realty


RXR Contact Information:

75 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10019
Tel: 212.797.1330

How does applying pressure to the property owner help?

We know that the CEO says one thing, but does another: ICE is located on the seventh floor of the building, but they've done everything they can to hide it from their tenants. The elevators function in a way to obscure the fact that there is a seventh floor. Put simply, they don't want people to know.

RXR Realty's CEO Scott Rechler has personally voiced critically against the DSI and ICE's actions: "While I have the utmost respect for the career professionals at the Department of Homeland Security and within ICE, as an American, I do find certain federal policies set by the current Administration relating to immigration, including family separation, to be disturbing and inhumane. It is my hope that we rethink our nation’s approach to immigrants and immigration more broadly." [2]

We can put a lot of pressure on them by making it very well known that they're renting to ICE and have contradicted their own statements and the reputation they want to maintain. By showing to everyone that they're allowing ICE to operate and function right here in our city, we can show that RXR Realty's Starrett-Lehigh brand of "social responsibility" is just a lie.

Who are the current tenants of the building?

What does informing the tenants do for this?

We suspect most of the tenants do not know that they're working in the same building as ICE. Many of their tenants are social justice activist groups and businesses whose clientelle should not be afraid to enter their offices. As the old saying goes "money talks."" By forcing a predatory government agency into the same space as tenant's employees and customers we believe that Starrett-Lehigh/RXR has violated the terms of NYC housing laws and encourage these tenants to put their rent into escrow until Starrett-Lehigh/RXR commit to making the building safe for everybody.

What next?

Please take a moment to contact the tenants above and encourage them to reach out to Starrett-Lehigh/RXR with their concerns. Remind them that they have legal recourse for being asked to share office space with a predatory government agency that poses a threat to their safety and well being. If you'd like to join us in our campaign to get ICE removed from the Starrett-Lehigh building you can petition to stay informed.


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