Petition President Biden: Cancel Student Debt Before August 31

President Joe Biden

Cancel Student Debt Before August 1

With payments set to resume After August 31, the sense-of-urgency to cancel student debt has never been greater. Urge Joe Biden to cancel student debt using executive action.

To: President Joe Biden
From: [Your Name]

We, the undersigned, call on President Biden to cancel student debt before payments resume after August 31.

Broad-based student debt cancellation is the best solution to provide significant long-term relief, boost the economy, and address racial disparities. Student loan relief is critical to those who lost their jobs, lost loved ones, or faced financial hardships during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic struck, over 43 million Americans shouldered the burden of $1.7 trillion in student debt. The problem drives lower homeownership rates, fewer small businesses, delayed family formation, and much more. Plus, Black and brown communities carry more student loan debt and they face higher rates of lost hours and layoffs caused by the pandemic.

Your administration is dedicated to a presidency for all Americans, that must include student debt cancellation for all. I urge you to use your power to support millions of Americans and their families.

Cancel student debt by executive action before payments resume.