Tell Speaker Paul Ryan to Stand Up for Immigrant Families

Speaker Paul Ryan


On late January 2017, President Trump signed two executive orders that directly attack our immigrant and refugee communities. The executive orders will further militarize the border, increase deportations of undocumented immigrants, seek to end sanctuary cities, turn our backs on refugees fleeing violence, and direct the Department of Homeland Security to build an unnecessary and costly border wall.

These executive actions go against everything we stand for as Americans and we cannot back down now. We must stand up for immigrant and refugee families.

Will you add your name to tell Speaker Ryan to stand up in support of immigrant families and oppose President Trump’s executive orders?
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President Trump's immigration executive orders are contrary to who we are as a nation. It is our immigrant heritage and our rich diversity that build a stronger, more dynamic and more prosperous America. Voto Latino and the below signatories call on you to stand up for all immigrants families and oppose President Trump's immigration executive orders.