SIGN THE PETITION: Tell Facebook to defend our elections by rejecting political ads with demonstrably false content.


American democracy has a target on its back: Online disinformation has increasingly become a feature of political campaigns in the digital age. And political ads containing demonstrably false information are already spreading.

But Facebook has declared that it will not kick political ads off the platform, even if they are manifestly untrue. This doesn’t serve the cause of free speech or democracy.  

As we move closer to Election Day 2020, the threat is unquestionably even greater. And Facebook is one of the places where that threat is most real.

It is critical that Facebook immediately prioritize the protection of our elections and our democracy. Right now, Facebook has a policy in place that permits political ads containing demonstrable falsehoods to run on its platform.

Sign the petition to Facebook and demand that it take immediate action to reverse its policy on political ads. It is critical that Facebook fact-check political ads and reject those with demonstrably false content.
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American democracy cannot afford another U.S. election that is deeply polluted by false information spread on online platforms. It is critical that Facebook reverse its policy on political advertising and reject ads that feature manifestly false content. The micro-targeting of deceitful ads distorts the political debate and leaves users unable to discern facts and truth, threatening our democracy.

Facebook must defend freedom of expression, and it should not silence individual users―even politicians―for posting false content, but ads are different, and a higher-level duty attaches when Facebook is in a business relationship with an advertiser. Running manifestly false political ads on Facebook neither serves the cause of free speech nor protects against censorship. As such, Facebook should utilize its discretion to decline to run political ads that are demonstrably deceitful.