Sign Now: Tell Congress to reject a Farm Bill that kicks millions off of food stamps

All Members of the U.S. House

More than $8 of every $10 spent on food stamps or SNAP goes to households that include children, people with disabilities and older Americans―the very people who need food assistance in order to survive. And yet, Republican leaders are attacking this critical food assistance program in the recently released Farm Bill.

If the Republican draft of the Farm Bill passes, it will result in millions of families losing food assistance.

These devastating attacks on critical services for working families are an extension of the Republican war on our earned benefits. Whether it is attempting to destroy Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid or food stamps, Republicans believe that we are all on our own. They don’t believe that a society should lift up its most vulnerable.

Sign the petition today rejecting the Republican-drafted Farm Bill, which will result in millions of people―including children, older Americans and people with disabilities―off of food stamps.

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Reject any farm bill that includes SNAP cuts.