Fire corrupt Postmaster General Louis DeJoy

USPS Board of Governors

This is outrageous: Louis DeJoy could personally profit from the harmful changes that he is forcing onto our Postal Service.

We already knew that DeJoy’s plan to slow down mail delivery and raise postage prices would negatively impact voters, families, and small businesses in several states. But now, according to new reports, DeJoy may be lining his own pockets in the process. [1]

Here’s what’s going on: the USPS is set to pay $120 million over the next five years to a contractor called XPO Logistics. DeJoy used to be an executive at XPO -- and his family businesses continue to lease office buildings to the company.

So while XPO gets a major boost from its new deal with the USPS, those leases could generate over $23 million in rent payments for DeJoy’s businesses over the next decade.

This level of corruption and profiteering from DeJoy is appalling -- but frankly, it’s not surprising. He is a Trump administration holdover who became infamous for his efforts to sabotage the USPS ahead of the 2020 election in service of Trump’s plot to silence mail-in voters.

President Biden’s nominees for the USPS Board of Governors -- the only body that can fire DeJoy -- were recently confirmed by the Senate, potentially giving the Board a more reform-minded majority. But as of now, the Board hasn't made any commitments either way about DeJoy’s future.

We must make sure the Board knows that customers are outraged by DeJoy’s attacks on vote-by-mail and the Postal Service. Add your name to join the nationwide outcry.


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Following a new deal between the USPS and his former employer XPO Logistics -- Trump’s hand-picked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy could make a personal profit of millions of dollars, according to new reports.

This corrupt self-dealing is just DeJoy’s latest attack on the integrity of our Postal Service. To protect this vital public service and our ability to vote by mail, he must be fired immediately.