Fire Louis DeJoy: Stop mail slowdowns & defend our democracy

USPS Board of Governors

If you’ve noticed that your mail is arriving later and later, you’re not alone -- and under Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s leadership, things could soon get much worse.

According to a shocking Washington Post story, DeJoy plans to further slow down first-class mail delivery, reduce Post Office hours, and raise postage prices -- which would impact voters, families, and small businesses in several states. [1]

You may remember DeJoy as the GOP mega-donor that was hand-picked by Donald Trump to run the USPS. He spent most of last year trying to sabotage this vital public service -- imposing outrageous restrictions on postal workers, removing mailboxes by the truckload, and more -- in service of Trump’s plot to silence mail-in voters during the 2020 election.

Even though Trump is no longer president, the threat that he and DeJoy pose to our Postal Service remains. And unless we take action, DeJoy will remain Postmaster General for -- in his words -- “a long time,” [2] calling the shots for the very agency he has tried to destroy.

Here’s what those of us who care about the USPS can do: President Biden’s three nominees for the USPS Board of Governors -- which has the authority to fire DeJoy -- were just confirmed by the Senate, potentially giving the Board a more reform-minded majority. But as of now, the Board hasn't made any commitments either way about DeJoy’s future at the USPS.

We must make sure the Board knows that customers like you and me are outraged by DeJoy’s attacks on the Postal Service -- and that we demand he is fired and replaced. Add your name today to join the nationwide outcry.


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To: USPS Board of Governors
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Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is doing all he can to destroy the Postal Service. Last year, he was a major player in ex-President Trump’s plot to silence mail-in voters by sabotaging the USPS -- and even now that President Biden has taken office, DeJoy is still trying to gut this vital public service.

Families, voters, and small businesses across the country are relying on the Postal Service right now -- and we cannot let DeJoy do them any more harm. To save our Postal Service, the USPS Board of Governors must fire Louis DeJoy and replace him immediately.