Fix the pipeline BEFORE more oil spills!

Office of Pipeline Safety

The Keystone pipeline just dumped 17,000 gallons of nasty tar-sands crude into the South Dakota soil, yet the Office of Pipeline Safety is letting the oil flow again before we even know why it leaked.

The Office of Pipeline Safety has a common-sense plan that includes figuring out why the leak happened, inspecting the pipeline for similar flaws, and making better preparations for leaks. The only problem is, they’re letting TransCanada pump oil now, and carry out the fix later.

Tell regulators: “Fix the pipeline BEFORE more oil spills!”

To: Office of Pipeline Safety
From: [Your Name]

I call on the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Pipeline Hazardous Materials and Safety Administration and the relevant state pipeline regulatory agencies to shut down TransCanada's Keystone pipeline and conduct an immediate pipeline integrity review before allowing more oil to flow through it.