Florida Atlantic University: Divest from white supremacy!

Florida Atlantic University

Marshall DeRosa has written articles promoting the morality of Confederate slavery as recently as August 2017, among other things... and the students at FAU refuse to sit silently by as our university continues to be steeped in white supremacy education and rhetoric.

FAU students demand that the university take action!

Provide  a proper investigation of DeRosa's work with Koch/GEO, his teachings, and his ties to white supremacist orgs.

1. We demand a  public review of the prison education program and DeRosa’s curriculum.

We won't be fooled by an ambiguous statement that states that FAU stands by its "diverse" student community, we want direct action against this blight on our university.

2. We demand FAU divest from Koch and GEO funding at-large.

FAU students deserve a campus and education free of Koch special interest educators and influence.


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For far too long, white supremacy has taken root in higher education through backdoor private interests looking to keep community progress at bay. I believe that DeRosa's connections to the Koch Network and white supremacy organizations is an example of this reality.

Provide a public review of the prison education program and DeRosa's curriculum.
Divest from Koch and GEO funding at-large.

We deserve better than this!