Flying Food Workers Deserve the LA Living Wage!

Flying Food Group

In Los Angeles, employees of airline caterer Flying Food Group work to ensure that passengers flying internationally from LAX have food and drink on their flights. They cater to an airline industry that continues to report record profit, but Flying Food Group refuses to pay its workers the City of Los Angeles Living Wage for airport workers.

To: Flying Food Group
From: [Your Name]

Each day, over 600 of your Flying Food Group employees in Los Angeles work hard to clean dishes, prepare food and deliver carts to aircraft. Your LAX airline clients rely on their skill and experience to ensure that their flights operate without delay. And once those flights are in the air, thousands of passengers depend on them for the food and drink that sustains them on international flights.

Your employees are the backbone of your operations. Why, then, do they not earn the Los Angeles Living Wage?

Some of your employees are earning a full $6 per hour less than the City of Los Angeles Living Wage for airport workers of $15.84 per hour. They work full time—often taking on overtime work as well—but still struggle to pay for housing, health care and other basic needs. This is unacceptable.

Flying Food Group must do better. It’s time for you to stop evading your responsibility. I support of LAX Flying Food workers in their call for the Los Angeles Living Wage!