Free The People, Free The Vote Petition

Tennessee General Assembly

It is time to Free The People, Free The Vote!

As Tennesseans, we share strong core values of faith, family, community, public health, safety, fiscal responsibility, freedom, and democracy.

But, in Tennessee, the incarceration rate is 10% above the U.S. average & our communities are no safer! The citizens of this state spend over $1 Billion annually on corrections, yet still have the 4th highest violent crime rate in the nation. In contrast, 34 other states have reduced both incarceration and crime rates within the last decade while these rates continue to rise in Tennessee.

In addition, Tennessee suppresses the right to vote of over 450k people and continues to disenfranchise communities, considering the Volunteer State’s voter restoration laws are the most complicated among all fifty states. In fact, we are one of the few states that connect restoration with payment of fees, and require child support to be current in order to get voting rights restored.

As we begin to look towards a future that aligns with our values and builds community strength, we respectfully request that you formally acknowledge the need to bring about common sense change by way of signing this petition and joining us in this fight to Free The People & Free The Vote.

Petition by
Free Hearts
Franklin, Tennessee

To: Tennessee General Assembly
From: [Your Name]

We are asking you to take bold action to Free The People, Free The Vote.

We, the people, call upon you to take immediate, decisive action on sentencing reform, including the reduction of mandatory minimum sentences and increased usage and monitoring of community based sentences; just culpability and the consideration of conduct and performance for parole; reproductive justice for pregnant incarcerated people; youth justice; and decreasing the collateral consequences of incarceration through ending fines and fees and debt forgiveness, automatic expungement, and automatic voter rights restoration and access to the ballot box for those who have not lost their right to vote.