We Need Your Help to #FREEJOSE

Bryan Wilcox, Acting Field Office Director for Enforcement and Removal


#FREEJOSE: No Deporten a Jose Robles

Our petition is working!

A judge has denied bond for Jose Robles, without even considering the public support he has, or how his detention impacts his family.

His reasoning? Jose has not been in detention long enough.

We are furious. We are outraged. We must continue to organize and fight back.

Jose should have a bond hearing! Being denied a hearing to present his case for bond is an obstruction of justice.  We need YOUR  support now more than ever!

  • Join us, tomorrow, August 13th at 8am! We will be gathering with Jose's family and attorney outside the Northwest Detention Center (1623 E J st, Tacoma, WA), where Jose should have had a bond hearing, to express our solidarity and continue to push for Jose's release.
  • Sign and share Jose's petition! If you have not signed or shared Jose's petition yet: we need your help! Jose's U-Visa has been expedited. Right now Jose's family and his legal team are working on gathering everything USCIS will need. We need Jose's U-Visa, so that he can go home with his family. Every time we get another signature, we forward it to help his legal case.

Please sign the petition in support of Jose's release from detention and in support of his U-Visa!

More About Jose's story:

On Wednesday July 17, Jose Robles was detained by ICE after attempting to file a Stay of Removal with his attorney at the USCIS/ ICE building in Tukwila. Jose is currently being held at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, WA. Every single day that Jose spends in detention, he and his family suffer from the separation. In addition, Jose has health issues that require medication and medical attention, causing greater stress to the family. In a recent visit to the detention center, Jose expressed his gratitude for everyone who has supported his case and asks that we continue to sign and share his petition. #FreeJose

To: Bryan Wilcox, Acting Field Office Director for Enforcement and Removal
From: [Your Name]

Dear Bryan Wilcox,

My name is _______and I am writing a letter in support of Jose Robles A# 200 686 160. Jose Robles was detained on July 17th by ICE agents, while he went in with his attorney to file a stay of removal in Tukwila, WA. As the father of three children, Jose’s family risks severe emotional, psychological, and financial hardship without him. Jose is a vibrant and valued member of many communities in Lakewood and the greater Seattle area.

Jose has a U-Visa application pending and was also granted a judicial stay by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Jose is a valued member of my community, a caring father, and he also has medical needs that need to be attended by his family and professionals outside of detention.

We are calling for Jose Robles’ release from detention! José should be allowed to continue his legal route to relief from home, where he is needed. Free Jose!