Frontier Airlines: Don't Play With Flight Attendants' Livelihood

Frontier CEO Barry Biffle and Senior Management

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Frontier Airlines is proposing changes that will make it impossible for Flight Attendants to earn a fair paycheck and make service worse for passengers.

Today, many Flight Attendants work overnight and multi-day trips. Under the new business plan proposed by management, Frontier would only offer Flight Attendants same-day (turn) trips.

That would upend our lives and our livelihood. It would force new costs on Flight Attendants, dramatically change the number of days per month we need to work to earn a living, and disrupt our lives and time with our loved ones.

These changes are about one thing: corporate greed. Stand up for Flight Attendants and passenger service at Frontier by signing our petition.

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To: Frontier CEO Barry Biffle and Senior Management
From: [Your Name]

I am writing to urge you to not take away overnight and multi-day trips from Frontier Flight Attendants.

Flight Attendants have gone through tremendous changes with Frontier throughout its history and have stood by Frontier through thick and thin.

I stand with Flight Attendants who are now simply asking that you don’t upend their lives and livelihood by taking away the ability to commute to work, whether by airplane or car. By forcing the Flight Attendants to commute to work everyday, you are ending the ability to commute.

This will negatively affect more than 54% of the Frontier Flight Attendants. Flight Attendants will be forced to resign as the cost of commuting, including the cost of nightly hotels and meals, will take far too much of their paychecks. In addition to these extra costs, most Flight Attendants will be forced to work many more days to make the same amount of money, cutting into their time with loved ones.

This decision to become a turn airline will harm Flight Attendants' income and quality of life. Many Flight Attendants will be forced to leave Frontier if you continue on this course.

It's a short-sighted business move that will harm our passengers by affecting our reliably

Please reconsider your decision and continue to offer overnights and multi-day trips to Frontier Flight Attendants.