Fully Fund Missouri Higher Education

Honorable Members of the Missouri General Assembly


Last week, Missouri Governor Eric Greitens proposed to cut $68 million from the state’s budget for public colleges and universities while offering corporations the second lowest tax rate in the nation. In response, some legislators and university leaders are already discussing removing the statewide limit on tuition hikes, forcing debt-ridden students to shoulder the brunt of the cuts. Let’s be clear: after last year’s cuts, another attack of this magnitude on our public higher education system would devastate students, faculty, staff, and our communities. Let’s stop Governor Greitens from putting college out of reach for students while giving handouts to corporations!

Petition by
UMSL United
St Louis, Missouri

To: Honorable Members of the Missouri General Assembly
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We, the undersigned students, staff, faculty, alumni, organizations, and Missouri taxpayers, stand united in opposition to a budget that undermines higher education, raises the prospect of dramatic tuition hikes, and siphons public funds to pay for a giant corporate tax cut. We will not let billionaires behind the velvet curtain gut one of Missouri’s greatest assets. We call on Missouri Legislators to pass a budget that fully funds our state’s public colleges and universities!