Give Dollar General Workers Holiday Pay on Labor Day

Todd Vasos, CEO, and Board of Dollar General

Dollar store workers are standing up around the country, and we need your support. This Labor Day, we're taking action and telling outgoing Dollar General CEO Todd Vasos to show the company has changed course, and start paying workers holiday pay on Labor Day. Sign the petition to support us and stay in touch about our actions on Labor Day!

To: Todd Vasos, CEO, and Board of Dollar General
From: [Your Name]

We Dollar General workers have turned Dollar General into one of America's most successful and profitable retailers, with more locations than McDonald's. Last year, we sold over 34 BILLION dollars worth of goods to customers across America. Even with tons of that revenue getting pumped into hundreds of new stores, and adding coolers and self checkout to thousands more, the people and funds who own the company were left with more than $2.4 billion dollars in bottom line profit.

But we didn't see a dime of that. Our quality of life went to hell. ​Managers have been forced to work 60 or 70 hours a week because the company won't approve the staffing we need to run a safe store. More and more violent crime because so often there's just one employee staffed at a time. More and more mess and chaos and angry customers as the company adds more and more changes.

Why? Is it just so the owners of the company could squeeze as much out of us as they could? We know they made a killing. And we know that while Todd Vasos pulled in $16.6 million last year, our average wage is stuck at $10.35 an hour, or $17,773​ a year. That means Todd Vasos makes 935 times what the average Dollar General worker makes. Does he work 935 times as hard as us? How are we supposed to live on $17,773 a year?​

Labor Day is coming up. Workers in the late 1800s fought for that holiday to recognize their contributions to building American society. Todd, you and Dollar General should show the company is committed to changing its ways, that it's ready to come to the table and start respecting its workers by giving anyone who has to work on that day holiday pay--double time.

Our rough estimate shows this would cost the company around $7 million dollars to do this--that's just 3% of the PROFIT you left shareholders last year. The millionaires who own the company can and should do better. This will be a start. Leave a positive legacy on your way out and make this policy change.