Governor Brown: make California a sanctuary state

California Governor Jerry Brown

Under the Trump administration’s draconian new immigration rules, immigrant communities across the country are now living in constant terror, with ICE agents conducting mass sweeps and detentions of law-abiding immigrants. Even worse, under new rules issued by the Trump administration, all police officers nationwide have been deputized to become immigration enforcers.

With the Trump administration declaring war on immigrants, the responsibility to fight back has fallen on the shoulders of state and local governments. The California State Senate just passed the nation’s first “sanctuary state” legislation. If enacted, it would block state and local law enforcement agencies from using their resources to comply with Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant agenda. California Governor Jerry Brown should commit to signing the bill, and making California the nation's first sanctuary state.
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We call on you to join the millions of Americans across the country in the resistance movement and make California our nation’s first sanctuary state. Support and pledge to sign SB 54 and encourage the California State Assembly to pass legislation preventing state and location law enforcement from becoming an arm of the Trump administration.