SIGN THE PETITION! Urging Gov. Newsom and CA State Legislature to Adopt a Budget That Prevents Educator Layoffs and Larger Class Sizes

Governor Gavin Newsom and California State Legislature

Together we say NO to state budget cuts and will fight for full funding for our schools and colleges, so our students have the resources, educators and learning environments they deserve. California’s schools have many critical needs that must be met in order to resume in-person instruction safely for six million students and the educators and staff who support and nurture them.

Together we fight for safe conditions for students and educators in public schools. Our schools require more funding and additional staff to provide the healthy teaching and learning environments our communities need, and to show that the safety and well-being of all students is our top priority. Schools need the resources to comply with California Department of Public Health guidelines that outline their safe re-opening. Any cuts to education funding make our classrooms less safe for our students and school staff.

Together we call on Congress to pass the HEROES Act, which will provide $1 trillion to states and localities to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, stopping $54 billion in devastating cuts to schools and other vital public services. We call on our Congressional representatives to help state and local governments continue providing the services our communities need and the education all students deserve.

Together we fight for equitable funding and resources for all Californians. The COVID-19 pandemic showed how far we still need to go to close the Digital Divide and spotlighted widespread inequities that impact students across the state, particularly in communities of color. Chronic inequities in technology, services and other resources must stop now, so that all students have the same opportunities regardless of where they live.

Together we support the Schools and Communities First (SCF) initiative to provide crucial resources for public education and local services. This November ballot initiative will close tax loopholes that benefit a small number of corporations and wealthy investors to reclaim $12 billion a year, which will go directly to the schools and services that make our communities strong.

Together we will elect people who have a demonstrated commitment to public education, equity in all forms, safe and affordable healthcare, and quality housing for all. We will support candidates who share our vision for California and the belief that all students deserve the same opportunities to grow, thrive and succeed.

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To: Governor Gavin Newsom and California State Legislature
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Governor Gavin Newsom and California State Legislature,

As educators, parents and supporters, we urge you to say NO to budget cuts and YES to funding for our schools and colleges to prevent layoffs and larger class sizes.

We say NO to racial inequity and a lack of funding and resources. The current digital divide and inequity of access to technology and resources puts a portion of our students at risk of falling further behind. We urge you to prioritize equity in our public schools by rejecting cuts and addressing this funding crisis now.

By supporting Schools and Communities First in November, you will increase resources to meet local needs and direct revenue to the most pressing problems. Without action – both immediate and long-term – our communities will suffer from devastating cuts to our students’ education.

Please be the bold leadership and bold change California needs in this moment. The pandemic has been hard enough for our students, and now it’s up to you to provide the funding necessary to allow them to begin to heal and return to school safely.