Governor Polis Issue A Shelter-In-Place

Governor Jared Polis


Current models show that if Colorado does not issue a stay at home order by March 25th we will be past the point of no return overwhelming Colorado hospitals and placing thousands of Coloradans in danger.

To: Governor Jared Polis
From: [Your Name]

Governor Polis, now is the time to act. Issue a shelter-in-place order for all of Colorado! Time is of the essence right now. Mandate that all non-essential workplaces close and all non-essential workers be sent home to protect the safety and health of our families. We must act now before the COVID-19 virus overwhelms our healthcare system, endangering the lives of all of us. We need Immediate financial assistance for workers impacted by the closure of their workplaces, a moratorium on utilities mortgages, and rent, and other policies that make sure working families are not harmed while we take these necessary precautions for our state.