Great Yarmouth demands a Green New Deal

Great Yarmouth decision-makers

We, the constituents of Great Yarmouth, demand that our local elected politicians support a Green New Deal - an ambitious government-led plan to tackle climate change, create secure jobs, and build a society where all of us can live better lives.

We’re facing climate breakdown. And Coronavirus has laid bare the shocking scale of inequality and poverty in our society. These issues are big, so our solutions must be too.

After this pandemic, we can’t just go back to business as usual.

We need a plan to create millions of secure and well-paid jobs that benefit our communities and cut carbon – like care jobs and jobs in green energy. A plan to rapidly cut our emissions by modernising our energy, transport, housing and food systems. A plan to build thriving public services – investing in health, social care, transport and education. A plan that invests first in communities that need it most.

We need a Green New Deal.

We call on all elected politicians in Great Yarmouth to publicly support, advocate for and actively lobby the UK government to implement a Green New Deal that:

  1. Creates secure jobs - creates millions of new well-paid, secure, and future-proof jobs for anyone who needs one, and guarantee a decent livelihood for anyone currently working in high emission sectors

  2. Decarbonises the UK - ends our dependence on dirty fuels, and build an economy based on 100% clean energy

  3. Transforms the economy - transforms our economy so the financial system serves the needs of people and the planet, and so that our government is accountable to people, not corporations.

  4. Protects and restores - protects and restores habitats and wild areas, and ensures that everyone has access to clean water and air, green spaces and a healthy environment.

  5. Promotes global justice - does our part to help the rest of the world build fair, clean and healthy economies, accounting for the UK’s historic and ongoing role in exploiting communities and resources across the world.

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To commit to a Green New Deal