Tell Congress and State Leaders: After the pandemic, we must rebuild our economy by investing in green and resilient infrastructure.

Members of Congress and All State Leaders

We have enormous challenges ahead. More than 20 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic just in the last month. And we have a breakdown of our national infrastructure—stockpiles of personal protective equipment (PPE) are depleted, outdated systems for unemployment relief are faltering, industrial agriculture is failing to get food to the people who need it, and our transportation system is woefully outdated and dependent on fossil fuels.  

After we meet the immediate needs of people during the pandemic, we must focus our attention on rebuilding our economy by putting millions of people to work to build a green and resilient infrastructure that better serves all Americans. Done right, our efforts will also combat climate change, reduce air and water pollution, and restore working lands. Building a green and resilient national infrastructure means modernizing the power grid, moving away from fossil fuels toward renewable energies, and making sure homes, schools and businesses are energy efficient. Simply put, we must invest in the future of our country by prioritizing the health of our people and planet.

Add your voice. Let's make sure we have the resources dedicated to protecting our planet as we rebuild our infrastructure and our economy.

  • We must invest in resilient infrastructure projects that put people back to work while supporting the health of our communities and planet.

  • We must incentivize electric vehicles of all sizes and invest in the infrastructure needed to charge them.

  • We must encourage and support local food producers, support carbon neutral methods of food production and ensure a ready supply of food in communities around our country.

  • We must replace lead pipes in towns and cities throughout the United States.

  • We must modernize our aging power grid which is far too dependent on fossil fuels.

  • We must upgrade our public transportation system, connecting our cities with modern railways and commuter rail lines.

  • We must invest in affordable, energy-efficient housing.

  • We must throw a lifeline to the roughly 155,000 clean energy workers whose jobs will be lost due to the economic downturn.

  • We must ensure that each of the jobs dedicated to building a green, resilient economy pays a livable wage, starting at no less than $15 per hour.

Together, we must develop a comprehensive plan to rebuild our nation's infrastructure in a way that also safeguards the health of our planet.

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Please support a post COVID-19 relief plan that rebuilds our country’s infrastructure, creates millions of green jobs and improves the health of our planet.