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Nadhim Zahawi MP, Robin Walker MP

Let's halt SATs and all other formal and high-pressure tests to help our children recover their learning and allow for a profession-led review of the current system.

Parents, teachers and headteachers agree that government tests harm children’s wellbeing, do not support learning and are the wrong way to measure schools.

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Mental health and wellbeing of children and love of learning through a broad and rich curriculum must be the main priorities in primary education.

SATs and other high-stakes, high-pressure tests taken under exam conditions harm, not help, learning and have a negative impact on children’s wellbeing and on their education.

New research* shows that:

- 60% of year 6 children were worried about taking SATs this year
- Only 3% of heads wanted year 6 SATs to go ahead in this school year
- One in three heads have been contacted by parents worried about their child’s well-being relating specifically to SATs
- 75% of heads and teachers have not had enough time to cover the curriculum in sufficient depth

These tests have been developed to measure school performance, not to support children. Parents* do not agree with them.
- 95% think they have a negative impact on children’s wellbeing
- 80% think they don’t provide useful information about their child’s progress
- 89% would support an alternative measure for schools

Clearly, this is a policy which goes against the prevailing views of parents.

There are better ways to judge schools that do not involve placing that burden on the shoulders of every young child in this country.

As parents do not value SATs and the negative impact on children’s wellbeing and the curriculum is well-evidenced, the government must halt all statutory primary assessments ongoing and review the entire system.

*Research details:

- Year 6 children: YouGov, March 2022. Sample: 1509 10- and 11-year-olds
- Heads and teachers: Teacher Tapp, March 2022. Sample: 1062 primary heads and teachers
- Heads: NAHT, March 2022. Sample: 2000+ primary school leaders
- Parents: Parentkind, March 2022. Sample: 1,756 parents