Hammersmith Bridge - We Need a Plan

Mayor of London

Zack Polanski - Green Party London Assembly Candidate

As a direct consequence of the bridge being out of action, residents on both sides of the river are suffering. They are being denied access to hospitals, schools and friends & family. They are effectively being cut off from the other half of the capital - this is a totally unacceptable situation.

This represents a catastrophic failure of the Government's, Transport for London's (TFL) and London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham's ability to plan ahead for the future. This problem has been caused by overheating that is most likely a result of the climate emergency, and we are likely to face similar challenges to London's infrastructure in the future.

To: Mayor of London
From: [Your Name]

Dear Mayor of London,

Hammersmith Bridge has been shut for far too long now. And whilst we recognise the immense financial pressures austerity has caused across London - the lack of maintenance has left this vital bridge vulnerable to sudden catastrophic collapse and in need of repairs that will take several years to complete.​

Londoners need collaboration on this. It shouldn't be about politics as usual or political point scoring but about demonstrating a better way of working together to create a resolution for us.

Whilst we recognise that a temporary bridge structure for walking and cycling has been ruled out by a feasibility study, we are calling on you to;

a) Let Londoners know when the bridge can be safely reopened for walking and cycling : Set a target date and stick to it.

b) Make an immediate plan to improve temporary transport links by providing safe, protected, well lit routes for people to walk and cycle on either side of the river, connected initially by the ferry and eventually the bridge when it reopens to walking and cycling.

and c) Reassure Londoners that the ferry service starting in the New Year will carry bicycles and be free to use.