Hands Off Our Retiree Healthcare

Janet Napolitano, University of California President

As University of California employees, we pride ourselves in serving the students, patients, our communities and our state. We do not expect to get rich in our jobs serving the public, but it allows us to work for an institution we admire while receiving fair pay and benefits- benefits that include medical coverage after retirement.

After years of this established benefit, the UC is now threatening to break its commitment to provide medical coverage to thousands of retirees and those about to retire after a lifetime of service. We now face an uncertain future after working for the University with the promise that we would receive the benefits that we have earned.

Sign our petition and tell UC: Hands off our Retiree Medical!

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Teamsters Local 2010
Oakland, California

To: Janet Napolitano, University of California President
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In July, the UC Regents attempted to change our retiree healthcare benefit – reducing the 70% floor for the university’s annual aggregate contribution. This could make our healthcare unaffordable.

Retiree benefits today! What’s next?

Hands off Our Retiree Benefits.

• UC Employees work for “under-market” compensation, based on our belief that our pensions and health benefits will be there upon retirement.
• UC’s contribution to health benefits was adopted to provide some stability to our healthcare costs when we retire.
• Taking away a promised benefit is a dirty bait and switch trick.
• Changing this benefit could be the first step towards eliminating this key retirement benefit that we count on during our long career at the University.