Help Make Sure California’s Next US Senator Will Be a River Champion

Representative Loretta Sanchez & Attorney General Kamala Harris


This year Californian’s will be electing a new Senator to represent us in Washington D.C. because Senator Boxer is retiring. As one of the greatest environmental champions in the history of Congress, she is leaving some big shoes to fill. With two candidates in the running after the June 7th primary election, FOR is organizing a grassroots campaign to make sure the candidates hear that we want the victor, whomever it may be, to stand up for our rivers and special places in California.  

Take a moment to add your name to the petition and make your voice more than just a drop in the bucket!

While in Congress, Senator Boxer was a true force of and for nature. Some of her many accomplishments include:

• Passed legislation to protect more than 125 miles as Wild & Scenic River and more than 1 million acres of Wilderness in California

• Helped establish and expand National Monuments for the San Gabriel Mountains and the California Coast

• Defended the Endangered Species Act from repeated attacks in Congress and to led the charge to combat global climate change.

We can’t afford to lose true champions like Boxer and this is our chance to make sure the candidates know that we’ll accept nothing less from her successor. Friends of the River is working in coalition with a broad array of river protection groups on this statewide campaign that will deliver the petition by Labor Day when the campaign really heats up.

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Sacramento, CA

To: Representative Loretta Sanchez & Attorney General Kamala Harris
From: [Your Name]

California needs a senator who will be a champion for our wild rivers and special places as Barbara Boxer was for more than twenty years. As you campaign to fill her shoes, I urge you to commit to advocating:

• For sustainable water solutions that provide for the needs of communities, industry, and farms, while protecting California’s heritage of free flowing rivers and healthy estuaries.

• For the reallocation of existing water supplies to economically disadvantaged communities that currently do not have access to a safe or reliable water supply.

• Against taxpayer funding of multi-billion dollar surface storage projects that do not provide quantifiable statewide environmental benefits and that harm free flowing rivers, fisheries, wildlife, and recreation.