Help Stop Oklahoma From Resuming Executions

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

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Feb. 13, 2020 - Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt and Attorney General Mike Hunter held a press conference to announce that Oklahoma has made adjustments to its execution protocol and has secured a supply of drugs with which to resume executions. There were significant problems with the last several executions in Oklahoma, primarily due to incompetence of staff carrying them out. (EG - They ordered and used the wrong drug.)  The last execution in Oklahoma was in 2015.

More than 20 condemned Oklahoma prisoners have exhausted their appeals, according to Hunter. There is a 150 day waiting period before new execution dates may be set, and litigation is anticipated to challenge the new lethal injection protocol, as well as the back-up execution method of Nitrogen Hypoxia (AKA the Gas Chamber).

Please sign this petition to Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt to urge him to reverse course and end executions in his state once and for all.

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Until the botched execution of John Grant on October 28, 2021, the last execution in Oklahoma was in 2015. In the time since then, it has become abundantly clear that prisoners who have done awful things can be held accountable for their actions and prison staff and the public can be safe without capital punishment.

The myth that murder victim families need or deserve the execution of the person who killed their loved one in order to heal or have "closure" is false. The vast majority of cases where execution is a possible punishment result in the alternative sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole (LWOP - AKA Death In Prison). Not all of us agree with LWOP in every case, but we recognize that is the current alternative sentence in Oklahoma. When LWOP is the sentence, murder victim families can begin to heal because there will not be endless appeals or the false promise of an eventual execution. With a sentence of execution, the healing process is put on hold for decades and it may never be carried out. No amount of killing will bring back the dead.

We urge you to reverse course and introduce legislation to repeal Oklahoma's capital punishment statute. Please redirect the funds wasted trying to execute a tiny percentage of Oklahoma's convicted killers to instead provide for better prevention efforts toward stopping people on a path toward murder, and to better and more consistent supports for ALL murder victim family members.

The trend in the United States is AWAY from the death penalty. Please follow that path. Thank you.