Petition: Hey Sprouts! No Mask, No Service.

Sprouts Farmers Market


UPDATE (7/27/20): After pressure from customers and workers, Sprouts clarified to the press that masks are now required nationally in all Sprouts stores, a reversal from their earlier July policy -- but enforcement is still not included in their mask policy. Without enforcement, mask requirements are meaningless. It's time for Sprouts to take enforcement seriously by taking the burden off cashiers and courtesy clerks and providing trained security at the door to protect both workers and customers.

Based on the company's public reports, nearly half of all Sprouts Farmers Market locations have had at least one team member test positive for COVID-19 since the pandemic began, a total of 165 Sprouts stores. In spite of this, store managers were recently told to disregard mask mandates and just “take the fine” rather than enforce the law. Sprouts' top priority must be the safety of its workers and customers. We are demanding that Sprouts:

  1. Require everyone entering their stores wear masks or protective face coverings

  2. Place security guards at the entrances of stores to enforce this mandatory mask policy

  3. Provide an anonymous hotline for customers and employees to be able to report, without fear of retaliation, if the policy is not being enforced

130+ countries and 20+ states have already made masks a requirement in public because they are proven to help stop the spread of COVID-19. Sprouts workers have worked tirelessly to keep our communities running during this crisis, leading Sprouts CEO Jack Sinclair to label us as “everyday heroes.” It is now on Sprouts to keep us all safe so Sprouties can continue to keep you and your family fed.

After backlash from customers and workers, we've heard Sprouts has started walking back this practice, but many stores are still faced with dozens of unmasked customers and no resources to enforce the mandates or company policy.

Corporate still needs to hear from you: Add your name and tell Sprouts all stores should require and enforce masks while shopping to keep us all safe.

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To: Sprouts Farmers Market
From: [Your Name]

Dear Sprouts CEO Jack Sinclair,

As employees and customers of Sprouts Farmers Market, we are writing to demand that Sprouts requires everyone entering the store to wear a mask, without exception. We are also calling on Sprouts to provide security guards, trained in de-escalation, to enforce this requirement at all entrances.

Sprouts has reported 276 confirmed cases of coronavirus among its employees, with cases nearly tripling in the month of June. Sprouts managers have repeatedly withheld information from employees about coworkers and vendors who test positive for the virus.

For those who are either unable to or are uncomfortable wearing masks, Sprouts provides both delivery and pick-up services to shoppers, leaving no reason for maskless customers to enter the store. If a customer is denied entry at the door, security and managers have these tools to offer as alternatives.

When Sprouts has enforced state and local mask ordinances, it has too often fallen on courtesy clerks and cashiers to confront angry customers. These frontline employees are often ill-equipped to deal with hostile customers and are asked to enforce store policy in addition to their regular duties. Recognizing the risk inherent in enforcing the mask requirement, some Sprouts stores have already stationed security guards at store entrances. This must be the standard at all stores.

The health and safety of the public and Sprouts employees must take priority over the profit Sprouts stands to make from unmasked shoppers. When workers feel safe at work, they are able to work more efficiently and provide better experiences for their customers. If "healthy living starts here" for both customers and workers, then Sprouts must require masks with no exceptions.