Homeless For the Holidays: Petition to Enforce the Federal Bald and Golden Eagle Act

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Beginning on Dec. 8th 2017, Millennium Pipeline LLC disturbed an active Bald Eagle's nest in Slate Hill, NY without a permit. They willfully violated The Federal Bald and Golden Eagle Act, a federal law. They ignored a mandated 660ft buffer zone for clearing trees by using chainsaws within 80 ft of the active nest. Despite photographic evidence, eye witness accounts from residents, and bones and scales at the base of the tree, they refuse to acknowledge it is active. The disturbance continues to this day and will continue throughout the breeding season as the pipeline is being constructed. We Demand accountability for Millennium’s gross negligence. We Demand a stay of construction until this matter can be resolved in court. We Demand our federal, state, and local officials to enforce the law. Please sign this petition Now to prevent further disturbance of the eagle's nest and habitat.

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To: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
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Please instruct your Department of Environmental Conservation to enforce both the federal Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act and state endangered species laws. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services has stated that they are deferring to the DEC. The company has neither a permit from USFWS nor concurrence that their activities will not impact these eagles. The entire area has been occupied habitat for this mating pair for six years. Three years ago they laid an egg and the juvenile is still present. The Eagles are also sacred to the indigenous Lenappe-Ramapough tribe and they are also requesting that disturbance of these eagles be immediately halted. FWS guidelines state that this nest-building courtship phase is the time they are most sensitive to human disturbance. Disturbing an eagles nest at any time of year is a criminal violation of federal law. Please enforce it immediately. These eagles deserve peace before the holidays.