I Support Oregon University Employees

Oregon Residents and Union Supporters

Oregonians Demand That Our Universities Treat Their Staff With Respect

Management is failing our state universities

University administrators are proposing a contract that is disrespectful to the low wage workers who make their universities function. At a time of economic growth and record budgets, instead of investing in this valuable workforce they want workers to take huge, long-term wage reductions. No other public employees in Oregon are being asked to take these kind of cuts and its clear the universities' priorities are out of step.

The economy is strong. State funding is strong. Management can afford to do better.

Yes, they can afford to do better.

Oregon’s legislature took bold steps this year to raise revenue and fund higher education, a move that brought in record revenue to fund schools. While the staff of Oregon’s state universities have been working hard to make sure we are a leader in higher education, they have not seen the kind of sustainable wages and benefits that makes the state such a great place to work.

Classified staff make our universities work.

Classified staff do the work on the universities, from cleaning our floors to preparing our food to running the information systems. We provide legal support, healthcare, academic counseling, and housing services for the students, ensuring their educational success. Despite being so essential to our campus life, many of these employees make less than $15/hr and around 20% of them are eligible for food stamps (SNAP).

At the same time, many administrators and coaches make huge salaries that their classified staff could never dream of.

Let's fix Oregon's universities for good.

While many staff members are making below living wages, students are also being hit with huge tuition increases that are being used to fund bloated salaries at the top. Oregon can do better, and let’s come together to really invest in higher education.

I pledge to support classified workers at Oregon’s Public Universities in their 2019 bargaining campaign. I will stand in support of their fight to win a cost of living increase that keeps up with inflation and regular step increases in each year of their contract. Presently, all other public employee wages are rising in Oregon, along with the cost of living, and university employees should not fall behind. With record high state funding for Oregon’s seven `public universities, I expect these institutions to provide affordable education for our students and good living wage jobs in our communities.

I pledge my support if university employees choose to go on strike, and will refuse to cross the picket line.

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We ask that Oregon's Universities settles a fair contract with their classified staff, including adequate pay raises, benefit protections, and conditions to address the workplace issues they have raised.