Take Action: The Trump administration MUST stop ripping families apart at the border

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Immigrant and civil rights groups have never seen anything like this. Infants and children are being ripped from their mother’s arms as they enter the United States.

In one case in Arizona, a 53 week old infant was recently in court without a parent. These are children and families seeking asylum from Central America and Africa―from violence in their home countries.

In a recent interview with NPR, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly called this policy a “tough deterrent.” But the motives of the White House are clear: To punish immigrant families.

Now, the ACLU is suing the U.S. government to reunite these families.

Stand with us to demand that the Trump administration and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stop its assault on immigrant families. Demand that children and parents be immediately reunited.

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In past administrations, the Office of Refugee Resettlement had been used to assist children who crossed the border on their own. These were children who were often 13 or 14 years old, fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries. But this new U.S. government policy is unnecessarily turning children―often as young as 6 or 7―into unaccompanied minors. This is government sanctioned cruelty toward immigrants and is causing trauma to young children. We demand that you stop this atrocious policy of ripping families apart at the border and immediately reunite immigrant children and parents.