If Corporations Get a Tax Cut, We Want a Raise

America’s CEOs

President Donald Trump and his economic advisers have said over and over again that the recently passed Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will enable corporations to use the money from their tax cut to raise wages an average of $4,000. Companies such as AT&T have echoed the claim, saying businesses will use the tax cut to create jobs and provide higher wages for employees.

But most economists think that instead of raising wages and creating jobs in the U.S., corporations will use the tax cut to buy back their own stock or pay dividends to shareholders, and will use new loopholes in the bill to send even more jobs overseas.

Let’s hold them to their promises. Sign the petition to say you want them to guarantee the wage increase in writing.

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Washington, DC

To: America’s CEOs
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Since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has been passed and will go into effect, we want a raise. I urge you to sign a Memorandum of Agreement ensuring that employees will receive the $4,000 wage increase President Donald Trump and others have promised and that you will not use the tax loopholes in the bill to offshore jobs.