Impeachment: Demand Donald Trump’s sworn testimony

U.S. Senate

Throughout Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings, multiple career public servants have come forward to testify under oath about the president’s rampant abuse of power.

Meanwhile, in his tweets and rally speeches, President Trump has repeatedly denied the accusations against him -- often stretching the truth and contradicting sworn testimony and evidence to do so. Now, it’s time for the Senate to ask him directly about his conduct -- and make him swear under penalty of perjury that he’s telling the truth.

Both President Nixon and President Clinton gave depositions around their impeachment inquiries. It’s now President Trump’s turn to speak to the American public -- not on Twitter, not at one of his rallies, but under oath, with legal consequences on the line.

If Trump is as innocent as he says he is, that shouldn’t pose any problem. In fact, he should welcome the opportunity to exonerate himself. But if he refuses, it’ll speak volumes about whether we can trust his defense.

It’s time for Senate Democrats to call Trump’s bluff. We deserve a fair, thorough impeachment trial that’s relentless in its pursuit of the truth -- but as long as Trump can avoid taking the stand, we may never know the extent of his crimes.

Add your name to tell the Senate: compel the president’s sworn testimony -- and hold him accountable if he lies.

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President Trump’s actions are at the center of his impeachment trial, and he should be compelled to testify about them under oath. Our senators must make Trump take the stand and answer their questions under penalty of perjury -- so the American people can finally have the truth.