Impeachment of Donald Trump

The Marin Board of Supervisors & Marin Elected Officials


Sign Our Petition to Impeach Donald Trump

We are calling on you and all members of the public to tell your elected officials that it is time for Donald Trump to be censured and removed from office.

By setting forth the Case Against Trump, we ask all people of good will, left and right, progressive, conservative, liberal and moderate, to rise up against Trump and remove him.

The Case Against Trump is strong.

Donald Trump is not above the law. He has put America last by [1] promoting his self-interest over national interests; [2] betraying our democracy, [3] endangering the health and welfare of our middle class and most vulnerable; [4] jeopardizing our national security, [5] violating our constitution; and [6] proving he is morally UNFIT to lead.

Donald Trump acts like a dictator; he thinks he is above the law, but he is not.

Millions of our fellow citizens are against Trump. Elected officials in four cities representing over seven hundred thousand people  in the Bay Area -- Richmond, Alameda, Berkeley and Oakland -- and in thirteen cities representing over five million people nationwide have endorsed a resolution to the US Congress to impeach Donald Trump.

It is a good start but we need more -- a truly mass movement of almost every American.

We at MVCAN are leveraging the work to date and working with citizens and local elected officials in Marin County and beyond to create a groundswell of public and elected support for removal of Donald Trump from the White House.

THEREFORE, as an important step in this political process, we call on the Marin County Board of Supervisors and all local Marin elected officials  to resolve that the current occupant of the White House, Donald J. Trump, must be censured and impeached by the US House of Representatives.

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Marin Board of Supervisors and Marin Elected Officials Respond in Time of Crisis

In normal times the Marin County Board of Supervisors and the county's local elected officials restrict their concerns to local matters that pertain to Marin County and do not get involved in matters of national scope such as the censuring and impeachment of the president.

However these are not normal times.

Since January, 2017, the actions and comments of Donald J. Trump have endangered the health and livelihoods, and threatened the civil rights of all Americans; stripped civility from public discourse; violated foundational American values of liberty, respect and openness to all; and undermined our democracy.

The current occupant of the White House, Donald J. Trump, must be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

The President of the United States is first and foremost accountable to the People of the United States, to protect and defend the Constitution and the nation. When a president demonstrates a systematic and profound failure to fulfill this fundamental duty, violates the public trust, and endangers the welfare of the nation, that individual must be removed from office in the name of national security.

The Case for Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump

The current office holder has violated the public trust and endangered the nation in numerous ways since taking office, disgracing the office and undermining our democratic system of government:

  1. Promoting Self-Interest over National Interest: He has raised his personal and financial interests above those of the nation, in order to profit from his elected office. He puts our nation at risk by allowing foreign governments to have undue influence over national policy in ways that undermine national interests. He has endeavored to hide his business affairs from public view, to escape from being held accountable to the public interest, and he has obstructed investigations into his affairs. He places his personal reputation and power above all other priorities, with reckless disregard for the welfare of the nation he is charged to serve. He serves only himself, not us the people.
  2. Betraying Our Democracy: He has systematically undermined and threatened the functioning of various federal and state agencies by failing to adequately staff and fund those agencies while appointing leaders who are antagonistic to the goals of those agencies. He has attempted to undermine the credibility of our electoral system by falsely asserting voting fraud. He has attempted to destroy the credibility of the free press. He has attacked the independence of our judicial system. He has disrupted the healthcare marketplace. He behaves inappropriately as a national leader by bullying, shaming and disrespecting colleagues, private citizens and those who disagree with him. He threatens the use of his executive powers to intimidate those who oppose his policies and beliefs, including legislators, judges, press, and private citizens. He attacks the crucial protections of checks and balances built into our founders’ tripartite system of government. He acts to consolidate unilateral executive power while limiting the transparency of executive agencies and how they communicate.
  3. Endangering the Health and Welfare of the Middle Class and the Most Vulnerable: He promotes tax policies to benefit the top 1% of households, and particularly the top 0.1 percent; and a regulatory agenda that benefits Wall Street but weakens workplace safety, threatens clean air and water standards, jeopardizes programs that support children and working families, and puts consumers at risk. He is determined to strip 20 million or more Americans of healthcare. His infrastructure and economic plan is driven by crony capitalism and not the needs of American communities.
  4. Jeopardizing Our National Security: He squanders the dignity of the office of the president and his status as a world leader through his words and actions. He has provided classified information to foreign enemies, endorsed oppressive policies of foreign dictators, alienated close democratic allies, and obstructed investigations into foreign interference in our elections - including collusion and perjury by his senior advisors and family members. He has trampled on the rights of religious minorities, contradicting our democratic ideals. He undertakes questionable actions and posts provocative communications that serve to destabilize regional and global conflicts. He denies global warming and refuses to take action to combat climate change. He refuses to acknowledge known threats to our cybersecurity and takes action to limit others from ascertaining on-going threats to government institutions.
  5. Violating Our Constitution: Sections of the Constitution that the transgressions above may violate include Article I, Section 9; Article II, Section 2; Article II, Section 3; and the First Amendment itself. The Senate must investigate these violations and bring judgment on them.
  6. Proving He is Morally Unfit to Lead: He has disgraced our nation’s highest office, constantly lying, distorting facts, engaging in manipulative and provocative communications, calling for violence against the public by police, endorsing violent behavior of citizens against each other and promoting anti-democratic values. He denigrates women sexually in public, divides the people of our nation against each other, distracts the public from important discourse with manufactured chaos, and fails to educate himself on the most basic aspects of public policy. He demonstrates ignorance of basic human decency and lacks empathy for the disadvantaged. He demonstrates little loyalty to others despite demanding fealty to himself over loyalty to the American People, our democratic traditions and our Constitution.