Include Asian American Studies in Georgia K-12 Curriculum

Georgia State Legislature

Hearts are hurting watching our AAPI brothers and sisters feel threatened, under attack, and invisible. One of the ways to combat this rise in hate is to include Asian American studies as mandatory curriculum in our schools. Please sign this letter to Georgia's State Legislators to begin to include ethnic studies in grades K-12.

Petition by
Carrie Anne
Lawrenceville, Georgia

To: Georgia State Legislature
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The astronomical increase in anti asian attacks across the country has been astounding to watch. It culminated in a massacre in Atlanta, and unfortunately shows no signs of slowing down. One of the ways to combat the misinformation and stigma that leads to some of these incidents is to include Asian American studies, not as an elective or college major, but as mandatory K-12 curriculum. With Georgia's high Asian American population, unfortunate spotlight in the attacks on Asians, and trailing education system- ranking 34th in the country, it seems prudent to begin to include the history of so many of our citizens. Asian Americans have contributed much to the history of this country, but are acknowledged in small paragraphs and footnotes of history books, which lead to dehumanization and perpetual foreignness. Having this history taught will both disprove harmful stereotypes used to perpetuate hate crimes, but also help instill a sense of pride and belonging in our Asian American students. Racism is the virus, and education is one of the ways to begin to eliminate it. We demand a bill that makes it mandatory to include ethnic studies as required curriculum for grades K-12 in the state of Georgia.