Investigate Ron DeSantis, Randy Fine, others for Conspiracy to Commit Fraud

Federal Bureau of Investigation, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, U.S. Department of Justice

Profiting from causing death is a crime

Petition by
Matthew Fleming
Satellite Beach, Florida

To: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, U.S. Department of Justice
From: [Your Name]

The State of Florida is currently experiencing a devastating surge of Coronavirus Delta Variant cases. Regional hospitals are being overflowed with people who are sick and dying.


In the midst of this crisis, a local chapter of a group named "Mom's For Liberty" has incited an angry mob and provided them with false information to present to our local School Board in an effort to convince the School Board to enact public policy which goes against CDC guidelines, and which is guaranteed to increase the community spread of this deadly pathogen. This group of people has been assisted and directed via electronic communications from "Mom's For Liberty", at least one online chat forum Facebook group called "The Conservative Voice of Brevard", as well as State Representative Randy Fine's own government/campaign Facebook Page.


Randy Fine has made the following remarks on social media, after writing a bill which expands the allocation of tax money available for "vouchers":

"Should you qualify for a voucher(many do), my office would be happy to assist you with getting a voucher to attend a private school which has chosen to require masks."

These vouchers have the combined effect of BOTH paying money directly to private interests AND reducing the amount of public monies available for public schools in the State Treasury.


Additionally, State Representative Randy Fine has donated at least $2000 to this registered group, Mom's For Liberty, and recently his threatening remarks towards the Brevard County School Board were published in the Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald, two of the largest newspapers in the Southeast.

"I can tell you, if my school district requires masks, I will make sure they get hurt next year,’’ said Rep. Randy Fine, chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on K-12 Education from Palm Bay.
“I’m not going to share what I will do. But it will hurt,’’ he said.

Those remarks came AFTER sworn criminal complaints against Randy Fine for other similar offenses were submitted to FDLE for investigation by State Atty. Phil Archer.

His threat constitutes a DIRECT violation of State Law. F.S. 838.021(1)a, AND he is doing it for the purpose of securing direct financial gain for one or more of his constituents/donors.


Additionally, Ron DeSantis has made unconstitutional threats to defund school districts, dock pay, and remove superintendents where districts enact mask mandates. He is attempting to use his government authority to do this, while at the same time he is downplaying the effectiveness of vaccinations, and promoting a treatment for the disease which costs roughly $2100 per dose.


These people/groups actions COMBINED have likely prevented our school board from enacting a pandemic mask mandate for children/staff inside public schools, as cases within the school system have skyrocketed. How many deaths will be the direct result of this is indeterminate at this time. All we know for sure is the statistical likelihoods of this virus causing a fatal infection. At the current rate of spread, the increase in cases resulting from the coerced dereliction/ommission of the school district in its duty to protect children and staff is guaranteed to result in a loss of someone's life.


These efforts are similar to efforts which have been replicated across state lines under the "Moms For Liberty" organization umbrella.


We the undersigned are DEMANDING that law enforcement investigate these people's actions and their financial transactions to determine if financial gain or other emoluments have accrued to those participating in this effort to defraud and harm the public, and if, in their fraud and culpable negligence, their actions and lack thereof have caused someone to get sick and die from a preventable disease during a public health crisis/emergency.

Relevant state statutes:

F.S. 838.021, 836.05, 501.160, 784.05, 812.081, others.

Relevant federal statutes:

8 U.S. Code § 371, 18 U.S.C. § 1961, others.