Israel: Stop Blocking #Coronavirus Health Care

Government of Israel

All around the world, governments are scrambling to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Israel is actually destroying Palestinian medical facilities.

You read that correctly. Israel is actively destroying Palestinians’ ability to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Just a few days ago, the Israeli human rights organization B'Tselem reported how Israeli officials demolished a makeshift Palestinian medical clinic.

Meanwhile in Gaza, a UN official warns that Coronavirus may lead to the collapse of the entire Gaza health system. According to some reports, there are only some 40 ICU beds for two million Gaza Palestinians.

And despite all of this, Israel maintains a brutal military occupation and crushing economic blockade on millions of Palestinians. Make no mistake: if a Coronavirus outbreak were to reach the Palestinian territories, it could be devastating, given Israel's decades of attacks on Palestinian healthcare infrastructure.

In light of these shocking events, we demand that the Israeli government must:

  • Stop destroying Palestinian health care facilities

  • Stop blocking Palestinian access to health care

  • End Israeli apartheid, end the military occupation of the Palestinian territories, and lift the Gaza blockade

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Sunjeev Bery
Oakland, California
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Washington, DC

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We demand that Israel stop blocking Coronavirus health care for Palestinians.

* Israel must stop destroying Palestinian health care facilities.
* Israel must stop blocking Palestinian access to health care.
* Israel must end its apartheid system, end the military occupation of the Palestinian territories, and lift the Gaza blockade.