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Prince William County Schools


A PWEA Campaign Centered on Employee Workload

Each year, more and more things are added to the plates of PWCS employees: more paperwork, more meetings, more data, more spreadsheets, more documentation, more technology, and more training, while things are rarely, if ever, taken away. These excessive demands and crushing workload requirements take away from our core responsibilities, planning effective lessons, and grading assessments. Additionally, it negatively impacts our ability to provide safe, healthy and productive learning conditions for our students.

This does not impact the school system financially, however it will provide clarity and consistently across the county.

My signature indicates that I believe:

  1. employee workloads should be reduced;
  2. professionals should have the right to determine their own use of flex days, planning time, and work days;
  3. reducing workload will lead to improved employee morale and increased student learning.
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To: Prince William County Schools
From: Jennifer Rokasky

Please help support the request to protect and honor the educators of Prince William County School's flex days, planning time, and work days. Your signing this petition is greatly appreciated by all.