Turf out fake grass

The Honourable Shaun Leane, Minister for Suburban Development

Did you know that synthetic turf can increase ground surface temperatures by 80-90% compared to natural grass? Plastic grass exacerbates the urban heat island effect by absorbing heat, warming air temperatures, and hardening soil. As temperatures rise in our cities, urban heat islands will be even more dangerous.

Victorians across the state have told us that they don't want any more fake grass installed in schools or public parks. We've heard stories of burning hot parks and seen photos of sweltering sports fields reaching over 60°.

It's time to end the use of fake plastic grass in public spaces across our suburbs. We need to take action to reduce the urban heat island effect and green our public spaces to reduce heat.  

Help us tackle the issue of fake plastic grass by signing this petition, and letting us know where the fake grass is in your neighbourhood.

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Communities across Melbourne are concerned that the fake plastic grass being installed in their suburbs is a growing health and environment issue.

Fake plastic grass absorbs heat, dries up the soil beneath the surface, exacerbates the urban heat island effect and creates local chemical and plastic pollution.

Heat waves kill more Australians every year than all other natural disasters combined. It is therefore imperative that the Victorian government directs its attention to reducing the public's risk of exposure to excessive heat, and banning fake grass in public spaces is a simple and effective way to do this.

We are calling on the Victorian government to act now to keep our communities liveable, sustainable and equitable.